Heal Yourself Video

Watch this video to bring Vibrational Healing into your body and your home.

Keep Your Eyes Closed, Relax and Soak In The Healing.
If You have a handheld portable device/ cellphone that plays video, place the screen over the part of your body in pain. Do not place over your eyes.

This is based upon 7.5 MHz of healing Vibrational Frequency which is a good dose for healing.

How Does This Work?

On A Scientific Level:

Have you ever sat near a Christmas tree with blinking lights ? If you sit near it for long enough your blood circulation will pulse at the same rhythm as the light blinking. If you sit infront of any light emission long enough such as under a florescent lamp, neon sign, going through airport scanners enough times, you will pulse in sync to that frequency. The rate of that pulsing is not healthy for you. It is way out of sync with your bodys natural healing vibration. This is why immune systems get so low in public buildings and educational institutions where children and adults spend several hours a day under flourescebt lights. Many people do not take into account that we absorb frequencies from computers, cell phones, electronic emissions and lights that can be harmful. Research EMF waves or EMF online for more details.

In this video, the lights are potent and pulsing at a healing frequency in which the body can vibrate to relax. You can compare this transmission to the more expensive LED pain relief pads sold in custom catalogs and online that can cost hundreds of dollars. The lights blink on those at a certain rate, and when layed upon the skin, your skin pulses with that frequency to aleviate pain.

On A Quantum Physics Level:

You be the judge, try playing the video 2-3 times with eyes closed as you soak in healing tranquility. Vibrational healing is not uncommon and comes in many forms. Healing touch, electromagnetic, light Frequency, and sound. This video combines healing sound with healing light frequency.

On A Spiritual Level:

The music playing in the background has been used as an integral part of healing soaking music in many healing rooms throughout the world. God can reach us through prayer, music, and every which way in between. Come with an open mind and heart. Relax.

May you be helped and blessed with this.

Here is another healing video that was brought to my attention, I wore headphones and I played it before sleeping at night and I could feel a point with the tonal shifts where a deep vibration of healing reasonated from my heart to my leg. For many decades well known doctors and quantum physics experts have researched on frequency tone pitches and their ability to reasonate healing at a cellular level byu the strength of the frequency energy of the sound. Try this one by wearing headphones or sit in a quiet room relaxed and see how you feel.