Jun 23, 2015

The Rosary Stopped Serial Killer Ted Bundy in 1978

Many people are not aware of the tremendous power of the rosary. Keeping a rosary with you at all times can protect you from unspeakable tragedies, just the way it happened in 1978, when the holy object saved a young woman’s life.

For those who don’t know, in 1978 the serial killer Ted Bundy was making victim after victim. At 3:00 AM, on January 15, he entered the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and murdered two girls. He would have made three victims if it weren’t for the miracle of the rosary the third girl was clutching in her hands when the criminal entered her room with a bat for a weapon. The girl had just been praying, and she was still holding her grandmother’s rosary. Later, after he was caught, Ted Bundy confessed that when he entered her room that night with the clear intention of murdering her, he felt a mysterious power that prevented him. What happened was that he dropped the bat and fled.

This incredible miracle of the rosary should never be forgotten. It is proof that God looks after us and protects us if we pray every day. The girl whose life was saved had promised her grandmother that she would pray the rosary every night for protection, even if she fell asleep in the process. Her faith and devotion paid off when faced with one of the worst serial killers of all time.

In his book, “With Mary to Jesus”, Father Joseph M. Esper talks about Ted Bundy’s case and explains to his readers how the rosary undermines the kingdom of Satan. For instance, the famous Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth once testified: “One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism: ‘Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end’.”

To defeat the forces of Satan, all you have to do is have faith and pray the rosary every day.

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Jan 22, 2015

God’s Plan for Us

Guest Post By Ross Winters
Before starting to write the book “God’s Plan for Us”, author Brian Barr studied a recent survey on religious organizations and what they teach people about the Bible, God’s plan, and what the current earth age truly means to us. The results were so worrying that Brian Barr decided to address the issues he had discovered in a book that would contain all the information and knowledge people needed to understand God’s real goals. “God’s Plan for Us” is a well-researched book that carefully analyzes the Old Testament and the New Testament. Readers will find solid answers to questions such as: “What happened in the first age?”, “When and why did God make the different races of people?”, or “When was Jesus actually crucified?”
Brian Barr starts by explaining why it is important for us to study the Old Testament first. He discovered that many religious organizations insist that there is no need for us to even read the Old Testament, and they only base their teachings on the new one. The author tells his readers why this is wrong: the Old Testament teaches us about what happened in the first earth age. It is very important to know about the first age, because it’s the only way we will be able to understand the age in which we are currently living. Everything happens for a reason, but if we skip the first part of the Bible, we won’t have the necessary knowledge to understand God’s plan for us. This lack of knowledge has already led to many misconceptions and wrong conclusions.
The entire book is based on passages from the Bible. Brian Barr takes the most important ones and discusses them in detail. If you’ve read the Bible at some point in your life and didn’t understand much, then this is your chance to read it again and truly analyze it with the help of Brian Barr’s explanations. After reading “God’s Plan for Us”, you will see things in a different light, and you will know what to expect from the third earth age, which is not very far. It is a truly insightful, eye-opening book you will want to keep and reread.
“God’s Plan for Us” can be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Plan-Us-Brian-Barr-ebook/dp/B00R9KTDIO/ref=sr_1_1_twi_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421249104&sr=8-1&keywords=Gods+plan+for+us+Brian+Barr Visit the author’s website for more information about his book and his research: http://authorwebservices-xl.net/US/695476/

May 26, 2014

Miss Brenda and the Loveladies: A Heartwarming True Story of Grace, God, and Gumption

Spending a certain period of time in prison – no matter how long or how short that period may be – is often a traumatizing experience, especially for women. But nothing compares to being imprisoned for no reason and having to deal with the harsh reality of living in a cell. Although it may sound like the plot of a novel or a movie, this actually happened to Brenda Spahn. She tells her story in “Miss Brenda and the Loveladies: A Heartwarming True Story of Grace, God, and Gumption.”

Brenda Spahn was a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, enjoying an abundant and secure lifestyle, until one day she was wrongly accused of something she had never done and the possibility of being sent to prison loomed over her. It is in the darkest of times that God shows himself to His people, and the same happened in Brenda’s case. Luckily, she was spared incarceration, and a renewed Brenda emerged from this unpleasant experience. She decided then that she would do her best to help women who were in prison, but particularly those imprisoned in one of the worst places in the U.S.A.: the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Brenda Spahn was shocked to learn that, upon being freed from prison, women received only $10, a new set of clothes, and a ticket to return to their hometown. This determined her to create a transition center for women, called The Lovelady Center. With her courage, love, and determination, Brenda did everything she could to help women adapt to their new life unconfined by cell walls. Today, The Lovelady Center is the largest nonprofit transitional center for women.

“Miss Brenda and the Loveladies: A Heartwarming True Story of Grace, God, and Gumption” tells the story of Brenda’s incredible adventures, dark moments, achievements, and fears. This account of the author’s struggles and successes proves yet again the power of one’s faith and how God changes lives every day.

You may watch this video in order to learn more about Brenda Spahn and her work:

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May 8, 2014

‘The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark’

The Gospel of Mark
Many people read the Bible, but few can say that they truly understand it. While it is good for someone to start reading the Holy Book on their own, it is even better if they also turn to books written by Christian writers who can offer them a frame of reference so that they can better understand and assimilate the word of God. ‘The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark’ written by Cary Holbert is such a book. It is the first in a series of sixteen books, ‘He is Out of His Mind Devotional Series’, whose aim is to show people how to read and interpret one of the most important Gospels of the Bible. Each of these sixteen books will focus on a single chapter of the Gospel, thus explaining it properly and in great detail.
The author starts by offering information on the historical, religious, and social aspects of the period when the Gospel was written. All these aspects are important, because they help shed light on why and how this amazing book came to be. The readers will find out that the Gospel of Mark was written around 60-70 AD, in a time of great oppression. The Church of Rome was going through great struggles as the apostles Peter and Paul were awaiting martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Emperor Nero. This means that Mark offered hope to all Christians by starting to write about the arrival of God’s offspring.
At that time, the Gospel came as great news. Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, was there and he was about to make unthinkable changes. Mark was able to bring evidence that this man was real and unique, and that his teachings needed to be followed. He urged the people to act immediately, because only their faith in God and his Son could save them from the difficult times they were living in. Even nowadays, the Gospel of Mark brings the same hope and peace to those who take the time to read it, study it, and understand it.
‘The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark’ is written in an easy-to-understand way. Readers of all ages will be able to finally understand the message of the first chapter of the Gospel, as the author explains everything in detail, and doesn't leave a single word out. This incredible book will be free on Amazon from May 15 to May 17, 2014, so make sure you grab your copy. Once you start reading it, you’ll want to continue with the other books in the series to fully understand the Gospel of Mark.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/a-book-that-will-help-you-understand-the-gospel-of-mark

Apr 11, 2014

Face of a Miracle

Christine Hannah, 30 from New Jersey, vividly remembers her healing after receiving a word of knowledge from Pat Robertson. “My sophomore year in college, I noticed my skin was very itchy and it had spots that were rising – very small spots - and those began to connect with other spots and became huge patches.”
“I didn’t have anything to help with the symptoms which were severe itching.
“I thought I looked disgusting. The rash would itch and then weep, and dry up and be really scabby. And I just thought, ‘You look like a burn victim.’”
Christine’s mother Evelyn took note, “When I saw that it had been going on for a few months, I was very concerned. This is not only not looking good, but it’s going to cause her to not feel good about herself.”
Christine said, “I couldn’t go to the dermatologist at that time because I was a full-time college student. I was working but did not have insurance, and I was too old to be on my parents’ health insurance.” 
But Evelyn had strong faith, “I’m thinking, ‘Let’s see what God does!’ because I’ve seen Him do many miracles in my own life with my children and my husband. So I know that He can do it.”
Christine said, “I was a very regular viewer of The 700 Club.
Then she remembers Pat saying, “You may be African-American. And you’ve got this kind of dappled looking skin.”
“He prayed for a few things and when he said that, I looked up at the screen for a moment, and I said, ‘Oh, that can be anybody.’”
Pat continued, “God right now is just wiping His hand across your face and your body, and your skin is absolutely whole, in Jesus’ name.”
“After Pat prayed and gave that word of knowledge, the rashes that I already had occurring—those healed up and went away and there were no new rashes,” Christine recalls, “I had no symptoms at all for over a year. Now it’s been almost 6 or 7 years.”
Evelyn said, “Her dad and I are very thankful for what God has done in her life; even though it may be small to some people.”
Christine concludes, “I am very thankful for God healing me. There is nothing too hard for God, or too small to ask Him. No matter how small it is, He is concerned about everything that we’re concerned about and that bothers us - even our skin.”
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Apr 9, 2014

A True Miracle

I know God has been with me in many ways of my life even though I never learned anything about him. I was a drug addict for most of my life and finally decided I had had enough. After I stopped using drugs I had a miracle in my life. This is my miracle... Not sure if others would characterize this as a miracle but I do. In September of 2004 I found out I was pregnant, I was very excited and scared at the same time. I have had several miscarriages and was told I would have a difficult time carrying a child to full term. So that is why I was scared. Anyway on October 8th of 2004 I started bleeding and went to the hospital and they told me it was a miscarriage and it was not my fault these things happen. I was devastated. I felt like using drugs again but I knew that wasn't the answer. I prayed for GOD to help my understand why this happened to me. For several months after I still felt like I was still pregnant. Everyone told me this was normal because I am older now so it was taking longer for my body to go back to normal. I was also told that it could be because I wanted this child so badly. In February of 2005 I went back into the hospital one night because I thought I had really severe gas, my stomach was bubbling so badly, only to find out I was pregnant. They (the doctors and nurses at the hospital) of course thought I had gotten pregnant again even though I said my husband was in prison and had been there since Oct of 2004. They thought I had cheated on him and didn't believe me when I said I hadn't. When they did an ultra-sound it showed I was 28 weeks pregnant, it was 20 weeks before that when they told me I had miscarried. It was obviously the same pregnancy and they had no explanation for what happened because they had found tissue in my uterine wall which is what lead them to believe I was having a miscarriage 20 weeks before. So there was no explanation and on May 11th, 2005 I gave birth to a healthy 6pound 8ounce beautiful baby girl. She is now 14 months old and is very smart and well advanced with her vocabulary. She knows more words then a 14month old should. I am very proud of her and she is my miracle. I am still clean today and continue to go to NA meetings and out-patient substance abuse therapy. I have a wonderful support group and I am grateful today for many things! Does anyone else agree this was a miracle? I would love to hear some feedback.
God Bless Everyone!

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Apr 8, 2014


The aunt of a 1-year-old girl rescued at sea by the U.S. Navy says the baby's fever is gone, and she is responding well to medication after showing salmonella-like symptoms before her family's sailboat broke down.
Sariah English told The Associated Press on Monday that her niece, Lyra Kaufman, was checked by military medical personnel after being boarded onto the USS Vandegrift on Sunday morning but her illness has not been diagnosed by a physician, yet.
English said her sister, Charlotte Kaufman, called her from the warship and told her that Lyra was bouncing back with new medication. The girl had salmonella before they left on their trip but was thought to have recovered.
The Kaufmans and their two children were rescued 900 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The Navy warship carrying Lyra is expected to arrive midweek in San Diego.
The USS Vandegrift was moving at 20 knots or about 23 mph, though the speeds will vary, and officials do not have an exact day yet of when the Kaufmans will arrive, where their baby is expected to get further treatment, Navy spokeswoman Lt. Lenaya Rotklein said. About 200 sailors were also on board the ship.
A statement from the parents, Charlotte and Eric Kaufman, a Coast Guard-licensed captain, said their daughter, Lyra, was doing better on the Vandergrift.
Authorities have declined to identify the girl's illness, citing privacy laws. Before the family left for the trip, Lyra had salmonella poisoning, but doctors cleared her to travel after she was healthy again, Charlotte Kaufman's sister, Sariah Kay English, said.
Four California Air National Guard members parachuted into the water and reached the boat Thursday night. The crew stabilized the girl, stayed by her side and then hopped on an inflatable boat with the family to board the USS Vandegrift on Sunday morning. Authorities decided to sink the Rebel Heart because it was taking on water.
The family took only what they could carry from the broken boat - three bags - and they were disappointed to lose the sailboat they called home.
"We understand there are those who question our decision to sail with our family, but please know that this is how our family has lived for seven years, and when we departed on this journey more than a year ago, we were then and remain today confident that we prepared as well as any sailing crew could," the San Diego couple said in a statement from the USS Vandegrift.
"The ocean is one of the greatest forces of nature, and it always has the potential to overcome those who live on or near it. We are proud of our choices and our preparation," the statement said.
Source: CBS News